Pagan Pride Day Las Vegas is coming up and we are looking for local businesses to participate as vendors of either goods or services at the event.  If you are a past partner, it’s important to get in early to insure you have a booth.  If you’ve never considered marketing your product at a pagan principled event, consider the following.

  1. Your business will be in view of hundreds of potential new customers.   Members of the pagan community love new things.  We love old things; we love things.  You have the potential to reach out to individuals at an event outside of the normal venue which allows you to meet, greet and market to a whole new demographic
  2.  The above still being true, additionally if you are an established vendor of craft fairs, renaissance fairs, occult and religious themed goods then you can get your product or service in front of the intended target
  3.  You become the de-facto expert on your goods and services.  You will have captured the attention of hundreds of individuals and own the conversation regarding your line of services of product
  4.  It is a perfect way to generate future customers through networking – So maybe you don’t get rich at Pagan Pride Day Las Vegas?  You will be building a loyal base of future consumers and interest; again, see point 3
  5.  It establishes continued or new goodwill and communication between you and the community.  Pagan people are a diverse yet tight knit community.  You have an opportunity to establish yourself as someone who cares, if not shares, about our values and concerns
  6.  It’s a very inexpensive way to generate long term advertising and recognition – Like we said, you will hold the attention of hundreds of potential or future customers for the low price from $35.00 for a booth
  7.  It’s a great day of fun – Pagans can party and you will enjoy the beauty of good people on a good day

Please consider becoming a vendor by clicking on our vendor link below; if you have specific questions you can reach our vendor coordinator at