The PPLVP Team


Luanna Terlizzi

PPLVP, Coordinator

Originally from Anaheim, Ca but now a proud Las Vegas resident for 10 years. Grew up in a Catholic home never feeling like I was in the right place in life as a child or as an adult. Until I found Wicca and Paganism. I started studying Wicca in the late 1990s but had to stop my studies due to my boyfriend at the time and his family disagreeing with my new-found path. In approximately 2012, I started studying again and was in love with the Goddess! Las Vegas has a great community of Pagans that I would love to bring closer together with Workshops, Rituals and Gatherings. I joined Pagan Pride Las Vegas Project in 2017 and love meeting all of the new people as well as bringing the community together!

Maria Chauser

PPLVP, Treasurer / Vendor Coordinator

I have followed a Pagan path for about 10 years. Born and raised in California, I moved to Texas in 2012, and in July 2017 I moved here to Las Vegas. I am excited for the opportunity to be able to contribute to the Pagan community. In the past years I have volunteered my time to be part of Pagan Pride festivals in Texas. The idea of sharing and being part of a project that helps educate people about a Pagan path has been one of my goals. My goal is to change the negative stigma that is associated with Pagans. This will be my second year as Treasurer for the Las Vegas Pagan Pride Project, and I am thrilled about my new responsibilities and duties with project.

PPLVP Planning Committee

PPLVP Planning Committee

B-j Rogers

Larrea Tridentata Grove, ADF, PPLVP Planning Commitee

Jane Feldman

Retired Air Force, Volunteer Sierra Club, PPLVP Planning Commitee

Marissa DiAradia

Webmaster & Tech Support, PPLVP Planning Comittee

Sin City Witch~ Intuitive Life Coach, Dreams, Tarot, Astrology, Psychic, Priestess , Organizer of Sin City Witches Marissa DiAradia is a lifetime student of the esoteric arts . She is an eclectic pagan priestess & witch, who has folk magick and metaphysical study, on each side of her family tree. As a firm believer in karma and all that represents she has chosen her path with care based on these principles. Spending many years as a solitary of the craft & pagan practice she has had the opportunity to fine tune her spirituality based on an eclectic variety of mystic practices and prides herself in acceptance of all beliefs even those that differ from her own. Her tradition has a strong leaning toward Witchcraft / Wicca but her personal path incorporates a blend of Folk Magick , Witchcraft & misc. Pagan Practices that she calls Indigo Moon Witchcraft.

Erma Zurita

Social Media & Temporary Website Updates, PPLVP Planning Commitee

Erma returns from Inner Circle Sanctuary; a local Wiccan coven. Known in the community as Atheona, she is an initiate of the 3rd degree in her group, a teacher, and a member of their Board of Elders. Atheona firmly believes in the premise of Pagan Pride. Her favorite part is having all the different types of pagan and magical communities gathered together so that seekers can find out everything they need to know before joining or NOT joining a group. It’s also a great time for local pagans to get to know each other and discover the diversity of pagan faiths right in their backyard.

Danielle Amato Nichols

Vendors & Community Booths, PPLVP Planning Commitee

Donna Jean Hodd

Volunteers, PPLVP Planning Commitee

Debbie Cronk Siegfried

Ritual Co-Coordinator, PPLVP Planning Commitee

Pagan Pride Volunteers Needed

We are always looking for help with our various projects and fundraisers ! 

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. “

~Mattie Stepanek

Let’s Build Our Pagan Community Together

Unity – Tolerance – Community