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Click the picture to visit the website

Recently a young woman taking a college class wanted to write a paper on the Temple, and asked me to fill out a questionnaire.  One of the questions asked was where I thought the Temple would be 20 years from now.  My answer was: That will depend entirely on the community.

One within our pagan community, the Temple of Goddess Spirituality, Dedicated to Sekhmet is at a point where the future is not certain, as the primary source of funding; Ms. Genevieve Vaughan has indicated it is time to find alternative sources of continuous funding.  Long relying on the gift=based economy, there is an urgent need to support our friends.

For 23 years, founder Genevieve Vaughan has been almost single-handedly funding the Temple

Most of us at one time or another has had the opportunity to take part in worship, communion, or meditation on the grounds or within the sacred space itself.  Additionally, the grounds around the temple are vast and dotted with paths and shrines that are obvious and some that you have to look for.  They have endured, they have been a pillar and they have carried on.  It falls now on the community to assist with their continued future.

Pagan Pride Las Vegas Project was honored and proud to be able to hold our Pagan Pride 2015 day at the Temple.  We are encouraging those within our community to take an active part in their funding by donating money, time or material (Their current materiel needs list can be found at their Facebook page).

If you are unable to personally donate time, material or money – please spread the word of the need to support our friends, visit the temple, and connect with your community.

Follow this link for the article on Temple of Sekhmet’s web page as posted by their Priestess, Candace Ross