Erin Lale speaks about the The Heathen Visibility Project at 11:30 AM

Erin Lale is the author of Asatru For Beginners. She published Berserkrgangr Magazine, managed the old MSN Asatru Group, reviews books for Eternal Haunted Summer Magazine, writes the Pagansquare blog Gnosis Diary: Life as a Heathen, is the owner / admin of the Asatru Facebook Forum, and founded the Heathen Visibility Project. She has been a Gythia since 1989, and is a Godspouse of the Northern Trinity.

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Selena FoxSelena Fox will be giving two presentations & leading the midday ritual.

At 12:15 PM – Home Blessing Magic – Learn some ancient and contemporary ways of working with herbs, charms, chants, symbols, meditations and rituals for spiritually cleansing, protecting, and blessing your home. Explore occasions for home blessings, including household changes, moving, renovation, healing, and celebrations. Discover how to clear a home following a death. Learn how to craft and work with a Witch Bottle. Explore work with Spirit of Place, Home Altars, and Household Guardian Spirits.

Midday Ritual at 2:30 PM – Celebrating Pagan Community Ritual with Selena Fox
Join together with Pagans of many paths and places in this rite celebrating pagan diversity, unity, and community.

At 4:00 PM – Incantations: Crafting Words of Power – Explore the Craft of Incantations and the powers of language & voice to make magic. Develop skills in selecting & changing rhythms, rhyme, tone, pace & volume to make magic. Discover effective ways to pick words, intone sacred names, & focus intentions.
Learn how to adapt existing chants as well as create your own.

Selena Fox is a pagan Priestess, nature mystic, author, photographer, podcaster, holistic psychotherapist, and spiritual healer. Also known as Rev. Selena Fox, Selena is senior minister and High Priestess of Circle Sanctuary which has been serving Pagans and other Nature religion practitioners of many paths worldwide with publications, events, networking, civil rights activism, and other services since 1974. A lifelong environmentalist, Selena is founder of Circle Sanctuary Nature Preserve located in southwestern Wisconsin, USA, which includes Circle Cemetery, a national Pagan burying ground that is among the first Green cemeteries in the nation. Selena has a MS in counseling from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and does consultations, readings, and counseling by zoom and telephone with clients across the USA and beyond. Selena’s writings, rituals, chants, and photographs have been widely published on-line and in-print. Selena hosts two weekly podcasts, Divining Dreams and Nature Mystic and travels across the USA and elsewhere presenting workshops and rituals. She is founder of the Circle Craft tradition which blends together ancient and contemporary Pagan folkways, Hedgewitchery, multicultural Shamanism, and Nature mysticism.

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Oberon Zell will be presenting 2020 Vision: The Awakening at 1:15 PM

Just about every sixty years since the Italian Renaissance of the 1480’s, there has occurred a cultural Renaissance in Western civilization. Each of these periods has seen a similar flowering of the arts, poetry, music, literature, drama, culture, sciences, spirituality, social movements, and “Utopian” communities. Those who come of age in their teens and twenties during one cycle become wise Elders/Wizards/Sages in their 70’s and 80’s next time around, tasked with mentoring of the next generation of young heroes—as in the stories. As happens every 60 years, this is a time of magick; a time for us to conceive and articulate a unified “2020 Vision” of the world we want to bring into manifestation.

Oberon Zell (“The Wizard OZ”) is a renowned Wizard and Elder in the worldwide magickal community. In 1967 he was the first to apply the term “Pagan” to the newly emerging Nature Religions of the 1960’s. Oberon founded the first legal Pagan church (Church of All Worlds—, and through his publication of Green Egg magazine (1968-present), Oberon was instrumental in the coalescence of the modern Pagan movement. In 1970, he had a profound Vision of the Living Earth which he published as the earliest version of “The Gaea Thesis.”

In the 1980’s, Oberon and his life-mate, Morning Glory resurrected authentic living Unicorns, and led a diving expedition to New Guinea to solve the mystery of Mermaids. In 1990, MG coined the term “polyamory,” and launched another significant movement. (MG died of cancer on May 13, 2014.)

Oberon creates altar figurines and jewelry of Gods and Goddesses, mythical creatures, and magick symbols. He is the author of Grimoire for the Apprentice Wizard; Creating Circles & Ceremonies; The Wizard; The Witch; and other
books. He is also Headmaster of the online Grey School of Wizardry, which he founded in 2004 (

A world traveler to mystic sites, in 2018 Oberon spent three weeks in the Yucatan exploring Mayan ruins, and a month in Guatemala, presenting workshops on Quantum Consciousness and participating in Mayan ceremonies. In November he attended the Parliament of the World’s Religions in Toronto. He has appeared on numerous TV shows, and is the subject of a film documentary: The Wizard OZ (2017)

For the past year Oberon has been on Walkabout, traveling around the US and Guatemala talking about Wizardry, Quantum Magick, the Awakening, the coming 2020’s, and 50 years of modern Paganism: “Who are we? Where did we come from? Where are we going?” Bring your questions to ask the Wizard!

Jean Louis de BiasiJean-Louis de Biasi will present Paganism & Activism at 3:15 PM

Jean-Louis de Biasi  is a published author, lecturer, philosopher, spiritual teacher, yoga teacher, &
the Grand Master of Aurum Solis, an initiatic Order with a Egypto-Hellenic Tradition rooted in Hermetism. He is the author of:

Esoteric Freemasonry – Rituals & Practices for a Deeper Understanding
Hidden Mandalas – Coloring Book – Inspired by the Sacred Designs of Italy
The Magical Use of Prayer Beads – Secret Meditations & Rituals for
Your Qabalistic, Hermetic, Wiccan or Druid Practice
Rediscover the Magick of Gods and Goddesses
Revealing the mysteries of theurgy
The Divine Arcana of the Aurum Solis – Using Tarot Talismans for Ritual & Initiation
Secrets and Practices of the Freemasons – Sacred Mysteries, Rituals and
Symbols Revealed
Astrological Talismans – Create and activate the planetary & zodiac talismans

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