In an effort to diversify our upcoming Pagan Pride Day on November 9, 2019, our committee reached out to as many communities and area shops as we could, to invite them for a High Afternoon Tea event. We are so very grateful that many came and shared great conversation, delicious tea, and pastries. We hope, moving forward, we can provide more events such as this so that the pagan public community can see for themselves what a wonderful pagan-filled valley we live in!

Edward – Egyptian Re-constructionist
Candace – The Temple Of Goddess Spirituality, Dedicated to Sekhmet
Vanessa – Red Moon Circles at Sekhmet Temple
Sue – Inner Circle Sanctuary
Debbie – Larrea Tridentata Grove, ADF
Jean Louis – Ordo Aurum Solis
James – The Realms Within
Orexia & William – Khonsu OTO
Laurie Marie – Nevada Desert Experience
Karen – Red Tent Temple Las Vegas
Marissa – Sin City Witches
and most of all, a HUGE, Huge Thank You! to Bonnie for opening her home and providing the beautiful tea service as presented in the photos.

Your NEW Pagan Pride Team so far, comprises of:
Luanna (Coordinator, Co-Treasurer)
Maria (Co-Coordinator, Co-Treasurer)
Danielle (Vendor Coordinator)
Marissa (Entertainment/Speaker Coordinator & Website Designer)
Donna (Volunteer Coordinator)
Debbie (Ritual Co-coordinator)
B-J (Ritual Co-coordinator)
Erma (Social Media Coordinator)
Jane (Donation Liaison)

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Our next event is the
Pagan Pride 2019 Tattoo Event